About Us

About Us


The car was his best friend. They went everywhere, and sometimes he slept in the car by the seaside. It all started with Christian (the creator of this multi-service agency) and his 1997 Citroen Saxo after arriving from Italy by himself in 2003.

The car never gave him any problems, while more modern cars were often sent to the car’s mechanic because of their many electronic extras. So Christian decided to jump in this new project by investing in simple but reliable cars similar to his dear Citroen Saxo. With help from some of his friends, and by collaborating with new artists, he created the “we-love-ibiza” art car’s style!

In our opinion, cars from the year 2000 onwards, are built to fail, while cars created before that date were built to last. Weloveibiza art cars is trying to create a reliable product, that can last as long as possible, by investing in cars that have still a lot to offer!

Art cars fully functional and equipped with every comforts!


Art cars fully functional and equipped with every comforts. Our cars have 5 doors, supplied with air conditioning and power steering.


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