About Us

About Us


It all started with Christian and his 1997 Citroen Saxo, after arriving from Italy in 2008. The car was Christian’s best friend. They went everywhere together discovering the magic of Ibiza; the beaches, the countryside, the parties and sometimes he even slept in the car by the seaside.

Christian realized that his Saxo, however little he took care of it, was more reliable and less expensive to maintain than his friends’ vehicles. The car never gave him any problems, while most modern cars were often sent to the mechanic due to its many electronic extras. So Christian decided to launch this new project by investing in simple but reliable cars similar to his beloved Citroen Saxo. With the help of some of his friends, and by collaborating with artists, he created the WELOVEIBIZA ART-CAR style. Read More


WHY we do it
HOW we do it
WHAT we offer

Weloveibiza art-car was born as a form of expression of our values. We believe that companies are an important part of the change that is needed to have a better world.
That is why we take a stand and commit ourselves taking care of the planet and safeguarding the authenticity of Ibiza. Read More

That’s why we recycle durable cars. We have them painted by artists and finally we rent them out. Read More

For those attracted by art, those concerned about recycling and the explorers of sociocultural tourism, there is not enough supply. That is why we propose the Art-Cars rental and the experiential routes. An enriching experience at an affordable price. A different, creative and unique service. Would you like to try it? Read More


Driving an Art-Car is much more than renting a car, it’s a life experience. Vehicles recycled in an artistic way, reviewed in detail until they are ready. Finally, they are available to our clients to discover Ibiza in a different and unique way.


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