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Artistic car rental

Tired of superficial experiences? Are you looking for something different?
We bet on creativity and sustainability. If you feel unique like Ibiza, we are your choice. The only artistic car rental on the island. A life experience at an affordable price.

Weloveibiza art-car was born as a form of expression of our values. We believe that companies are an important part of the change that is needed to have a better world. That is why we take a stand and commit ourselves taking care of the planet and safeguarding the authenticity of Ibiza.

That’s why we recycle durable cars. We have them painted by artists and finally we rent them out.

For those attracted by art, those concerned about recycling and the explorers of sociocultural tourism, there is not enough supply. That is why we propose the Art-Car rental and the experiential routes. An enriching experience at an affordable price. A different, creative and unique service. Would you like to try it?


Services we offer

The experiential tour

The clients will be driving the art-cars and I will guide them personally. We will visit the workshops of artists and artisans living in the various villages of the island. It will be an authentic, dynamic and very entertaining experience.


Upcycled Art-Car rental & Scooters

The best way to enjoy the island is to feel whole with it. Driving an art-car you create a special connection with Ibiza. You are discovering the island, and at the same time you will be spreading good vibes, because, people reaction when they see an art car passing by, it is usually a big smile.


Creative Event

Artfully decorating and animating the atmosphere of your event could make it unique and unforgettable. The Art-Cars and our creative team are available for decoration environments.We offer creative and personalized ideas to make special moments memorable.


More to do

Paint your car

Customize your car transforming it into a work of art. We have a wide range of artists.

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Our gallery

Visit our image gallery where you can see all our work and some extra.

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News, reports, mentions and much more about us. Come in to see.

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Our blog. Articles and news that may interest you.

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Driving an Art-Car is much more than renting a car, it’s a life experience. Vehicles recycled in an artistic way, reviewed in detail until they are ready. Finally, they are available to our clients to discover Ibiza in a different and unique way.


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